Sculpture and installation

These sculptures also belong to various periods. The works which use the form of a droplet are very personal and intimate. These pieces explore an interior universe, drawing out to the exterior in outsized scale forms which are originally microscopic. It is about the origin of life – for that I use the form of a droplet, the sperm and the egg. I also return to the mask and face, making a journey but in dreams. The whisper of the shells from beneath the sea takes me back to my origins. I use string, like the fishing line or the net, to tie up and draw in line the space. Some works are reliefs made out of plaster using the face like a map and to carve out the rocky forms of an imaginary landscape. In 1998 I made an instalación for the town Anso in Huesca, Spain. Se llamaba `Cuando no llueve fuera, llueve dentro´ (When it does not rain outside, it rains inside.) and it was based on the idea of the ancient Spanish game called `El juego de la cucaña´. Using the same drop form, but this time made like a shell ( out of fibre glass) , I played with the meanings of this game. In this sense I wanted to talk about fertility and the essence of life. I did a type of ritual with candles made in the form of a droplet which I left burning during the night. The installation was done outside the church.